Marshall Records is about 4 letters. It is about W, K, W again and L. The first W is for Warfare, the useless and disgusting thing that it means. And in a sense, the reason for starting this label, that started as a protest over the Iraq invasion, March 20th, 2003. We are appalled by any military intervention, from whichever side, with or without justification. The K stands for Knowledge, that many groups and organisations tried to seclude, to protect and to hide. Marshall Records is about spreading the information, it always was and always will be. So our music is available for free. We believe in sharing the knowledge.
The second W is about Well-being. The ancient Greece, where democracy was born, has a different concept for Well-being. It was an understanding that Well-being wasn't a personal matter, but one of a group of individuals, the ones that live around you. Well-being is about the community being well – with you as part of this community. L is about Law, about questioning it when it makes no sense. Laws are made to protect the society, and not to disrupt it. It's about rights but also it is about responsibilities. By surpassing the copyright Law, for instance, we were able to create the catalogue we have here. We were able to make art. Not harming anyone, not taking money from anyone, not demeaning any other art, and certainly not sending kids to wars to have their souls raped.
Now… Marshall Records is also about one more thing. We are concerned about telling the world what we think, but with creativity. And what we think is that War Shall Wreck Worlds. By inserting the letters that cast our ethos in the name of the label we get our motto, again War Shall Wreck Worlds – all you have to do is spin the first letter. We are focused in showing people you don't have to be partisan to get up and do something. All you have to do say what you think, and mean it. Maybe, all you have to do is spin a few letters.
Lycantropii Volume II

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Lily Allen RemixedThe Beatles' HATEThe Beatles' HELLRenegade BoysThe Lycantropii Collection

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